Some recently added clients include…

Saean Group Inc. Since 2013, Saean Group has been developing technologies in the relentless pursuit of redefining emission-free mobility. QCI has been supporting this US$6 Billion valued company’s plans to become a public entity (OTCPK:SEAN) as it progresses to full trade status..

Soul Biotech Inc. Advancing the Integration of health and wellness by incorporating traditional and modern philosophies with a holistic approach to healing, QCI has overseen the sourcing of a public entity (OTC:ADOB) and the company is in the process of achieving full trade status.

Toppen Health Inc. Providers of water treatment technology, disinfection technology, sterilization technology and wellness products that better human health, QCI has been supporting this highly valued company’s plans to become a public entity. The Company is now trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE:AION).

Astnova Co., Ltd. (ALIVE SOUND TECHNOLOGY NOVA) strives for a new paradigm of 3D audio that can be felt through human senses. Korea’s only company with 3D audio algorithm development. Astnova has conducted extensive research to develop and possess the innovative and high-quality ‘ASTNOVA 3D SOUND’ audio algorithm, backed by its distinctive technical expertise and abundant know-how. QCI is in the process of bringing this innovative company to the public.